NYC Local Updates – 04/22


An 89 Years Old was Hit in Staten Island

At Staten Island on Saturday, an 89 years old elderly woman was hit by a driver and ran off the scene. She was reportedly coming off the M.T.A bus when the sad loser hit her and left her. The victim died.


M.T.A Metrocard Price Increase Begins Next Sunday.

Be prepared as the new price increase of MTA goes into effect in about a week. If you buy monthly, expect to pay $6.00 more. If you buy weekly, you’ll pay $1.00 more. If you buy rides as you go, you are losing those enticing bonus  they’ve added on it, but the $2.75 fare does not change.

If you leave in Staten Island, you will no longer be able to pay with coins among a few other changes. See MTA website for more details.


Please Look Pretty and Smile for the Camera!!

Air flights are now reportedly using facial recognition before you can be allowed to board. A passenger took to Twitter to complain. Facts revealed that this trend isn’t necessarily the initiative of airlines but the US Department of Homeland Security.


The conversation went viral already. Someone mentioned that China has started doing that already.


NYC Court Stands By Forced Vaccination.

A judge in Brooklyn has ruled in favor of the City to enforce measles vaccinations or issue penalty. Schools’ participation had been enlisted, and those that remain uncooperative are getting shut down.

NYC IS Going Green, and “Glass and Steel Towers” are in the Way

The NYC Mayor is serious about climate change initiative, and this is becoming top in the news. Conversation is rapidly switching from the actual issue to how this policy would go out to get Trump. Enough already about whether the policy is out to get anyone. The discourse should focus on the positive externalities of this initiative for the current generation and those to come.


Well, we can still bring it up during the election season when the actual wrestling session of Trump and De Bill Blasio would begin.

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