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Maduro Cigars Lounge

You are on your break at work, you are driving by, or you are sitting alone in your apartment and all you want to do is just smoke cigar and focus on your thoughts. Some may be on their 5th cup of coffee for the day, others want food or juice, but you just want to get into your body and chill. Maduro Cigars in the Bronx got you. Come by and experience our warm space that treats you with a 5-star hospitality and high level courtesy. Choose to hang out by yourself, or play board games if you want. We carry all kinds of premium cigars, pipe tobacco, humidors, samplers, and other accessories. Enjoy your cigars at our suite while also enjoying your pleasurable moments.

Our open hours:

Sunday: 11:30AM -11:30-PM

Monday: 11:30AM -11:30-PM

Tuesday: 11:30AM -11:30-PM

Wednesday: 11:30AM -11:30-PM

Thursday: 11:30AM -12:30-AM

Friday: 11:30AM -1AM

Saturday: 11:30AM -1AM



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