Feijoada is a traditional Brazilian dish which is prepared with fresh pork and beans. It is best when served along with rice, orange slices, assorted sauces topped with roasted cassavas. At times, the fresh fork may be substituted with beef. The stew is best prepared with a clay pot under low heat. Despite being a national dish for Brazilians, the recipe is also popular in Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Macau, Timor, Portugal, Goa, India, and Mozambique. However, the dish may slightly differ from one country to another. Nonetheless, the final dish is tasty and vibrant. If you have a taste of this dish, we can bet you will beg for more. You can’t just get enough. And below is a cooking guide on how to prepare yours. Stay with me!

Servings: 8

Preparation: Easy


  • 1 pound of black beans
  • 1 pound Pork ribs ( smoked)
  • 800g white rice
  • ¼ sliced Choriço sausages (3 pcs)
  • Four cloves of chopped garlic
  • 200 ml olive or canola oil
  • Onions 2 pcs (medium)
  • Three bay leaves
  • Salted bacon 1 pound
  • Black pepper 1 tbsp.
  • Brazilian hot sauce

Garnish: Orange slices


  1. Put cold water in a large basin and soak your beans overnight. Make sure the beans are fully submerged in water
  2. In another separate bowl, soak your bacon and ribs
  3. Put water in a saucepan (large sized) and boil it over medium heat. Drain your beans and add them into the boiling water. Cook them until tender
  4. In another cooking pot, put seven glasses of water and add salt and a tablespoon of olive oil. Bring the water to boil and add your white rice (well cleaned and rinsed). Cook it for about 18 minutes over medium-high heat
  5. As your rice cooks, remove your bacon and ribs and rinse them in running water. Add them to your beans and simmer for 35 minutes
  6. In another large saucepan, put your oil and heat it over medium heat. Put your onions and garlic to the heated oil and cook them for 1 minute
  7. Add your bacon, smoked ribs, sausages, bay leaves, and pepper. Stir the mixture and transfer it to the cooked beans and meat
  8. Add water and simmer the mixture for 50 minutes and remove it from the heat

Serve while hot with your boiled white rice and garnish it with orange slices.

NB: Feijoada is great when served along with greens

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