How Africans living outside its continent might be failing Africa


The number of Africans living in the diaspora is large but despite this, the population has failed its continent. They have forgotten their roots and some of them are not proud of their continent. Once they relocate, they forget their ailing continent and are not ready to bring change back to their motherland. While some play a role in bettering their nation, others do not.  And here is how African immigrants are failing Africa.

Not prepared to better the continent

It is almost five decades after attaining independence but infrastructure in most African nations is in bad shape. These nations don’t have the required financial aid to improve these amenities. If every African working in foreign nations decides to invest back in their countries, there will be enough cash to foster the development projects.

Better still; more foreign investors will want to invest in the continent which will eventually boost the economy. Before planning to invest, well-structured solutions must be formulated while bringing new ideas.

For instance, there is a high demand for cyber security professionals in most African nations due to the adoption of the latest technologies. Those who have these skills should venture into the sector and create jobs for those who have specialized in the industry to help grow the economy and reduce the number of immigrants relocating from Africa.

Lack of trust with their own continent

Most people living abroad don’t have the trust of venturing into business despite most of them being employed in big companies. Even those who have the potential to invest in Africa don’t view the continent as a potential business hub.

This is why most of the immigrants when they retire back home, they are not ready to utilize the skills they have acquired to better their nation. Some do not care about saving for their retirement and end up coming back home when they haven’t achieved much. Immigrants should understand that, despite the challenges African continent faces, there are great opportunities which have not been tapped and if they can bring in their skills, they can transform this great continent.

African immigrants should change the way they view their motherland and understand that for the continent to grow, their contributions counts.







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