How To Get Started Even Though You Might Fail


You’ve probably been considering an idea for a long time — maybe you want to start a business, go back to school, or build your professional career.

Getting started is hard — it’s probably the most challenging step.

You’ve probably heard about the story of giant tech companies — companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

These companies share one common trait — they revolutionized the way we see things.

Before we had Amazon, only a few people believed that making online sales is possible. It’s practically impossible to sell stuff online.

Why buy things online when a 5-minute walk into a grocery shop would do just fine?

Microsoft began in an era where folks expected to get software for free.

Imagine this — people shell out good cash to buy hardware, but when it comes to software, getting the magic tool that’s run the hardware, they’d want it for free.

Isn’t it terrible?

The story of Facebook would leave you stunned.

At some point, when the company was still in the start-up phase, Mark imagined it to become a global company  — but he never thought that the company would be propelled to global relevance by him.

If you look around and observe carefully, you’d see that those entrepreneurs, athletes, and politicians you call successful are ordinary folks like you.

The secret recipe that made them successful is the power of the first step.

They got started even when they might fail.

Imagine running an online store when there’s little or no internet penetration.

Imagine launching a platform where ordinary folks can upload unlicensed videos.  

Yes, that’s what the creators of YouTube did.

Guess what?

It made them billions in revenue!

Here’s the thing, the fear of failure can leads to paralysis. It’d make you not to achieve anything in life.

If you genuinely what to be successful, you’ve got to deal with it. Most times, fear is just imaginary. It does not exist.

Remember the first time you approached a girl across the street — it was scary. That’s a one-way ticket to hell.

However, things start to work pretty well when you said the first word, then the second and third.

What you feared and imagined didn’t exist — it’s just a figment of your imagination.

Here are a few thoughts to help you get started.

1. Do not demand approval

Starting a business or moving forward with your professional career is hard.

You might fail — that’s a given!

Taking your failure personal is not the right way to go.

Also, do not demand approval from people.

People would misunderstand your goals and mission — and that’s fine. It shows you’re doing something unique.

The need for approval stems from the innate desire to be accepted by others.

The thing is, people’s opinion of you is not always the truth. It’s as a result of several factors like jealousy, past experiences, and their inability to see who you are.

When you desire outward validation, you will give others more power over you.

2. Grow your enthusiasm and don’t let it die

In your life journey, you’ll fail at some point. When you do, do not lose focus, don’t grow weary, restrategize and fire on.

Instead of complaining and thinking of where to vent your anger, you’ve got to change your thought pattern and let your failure be your motivation for success.

Success is your willingness to move from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

Getting started may be paralyzing, You may not know the right step to take. However, if you decide not to take the first step, you won’t amount to anything in life.

Take the first step, and watch yourself grow into global relevance.


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