Fatou -The NY Kangen Water Independent Distributor

Fatou -The NY Kangen Water Independent Distributor

Our body is 75% of water, so it is recommended to drink half of our body weight in ounces daily to stay healthy, but what is the pH level of the water we drink? My name is Fatou, and I’m a living witness of why it’s important to drink ionized alkaline water. It neutralizes the acid and most toxins in the body. If you work hard everyday or engage in many stress-related activities, you ought to try ionized alkaline water before it’s too late.  

Below is a list of what drinking ionized alkaline water does in your body: 

  • It can help slow the aging process – less wrinkle, more energy, and youthful vibes!
  • It can clean your stomach – see the difference overtime with your sweat and other body excretes.
  • You’ve used all kinds of moisturizers on your skin, but can’t see improvement, try drinking ionized alkaline water.
  • Struggling to lose weight? Drinking ionized alkaline water can help. 

I have a kangen water machine supplied by Enagic from Japan that is naturally turning your tap water in your home and offices to ionized alkaline water. It serves multi-function purposes to give you optimal health. I like the machine because it filters out chlorine and heavy metal, helps remove pesticides and herbicides from those “fresh fruits” we buy at the store, and works to disinfects the house while also nourishing your body from inside out. 

Call me now to get a taste and to find out more about ionized alkaline water and how it can help improve your health