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How to Prepare Fingerlicking Ingoho|Kenyan Cuisine

Ingoho is a stewed chicken prepared by the Luhya community in Western Kenya. They are of Bantu speaking tribe believed to...
Ibihaza recipe

Ibihaza Recipe | Rwandese Cuisine

Bordering Burundi, Tanzania, Congo, and Uganda is Rwanda-a Nation with a thousand hills. The country has only three ethnic groups; the Tutsi,...
M'tsolola recipe

M’tsolola recipe | Comoros Cuisine

Comoros is an island located in coastal Africa. The island was first discovered in 1529 by Grande Comore. It sits between Madagascar...
Ago Glain dish

Ago Glain Recipe| Benin Cuisine

Ago Glain is a traditional dish from Benin, which comprises of exotic fusion of traditional flavors. The delicacy is prepared with crab...
Boko Boko Recipe

Boko Boko Harees Recipe | Burundian Cuisine

Located on the Eastern Africa is Burundi. A country which boasts of massive agricultural land that covers over 80% of its surface....

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