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Brought to you by foodies who have tasted most food and beverages in the world, and have tracked the influence of African tradition, culture, herbs and styles in many food. From blog post that details their experience to cooking tips and recipes, you can expect more from these guys.

Poulet Nyembwe

Poulet Nyembwe Recipe | Gabonese cuisine

Gabon is a home of over forty ethnic groups. The country boasts of its rich cuisine which is a blend of African...

How to Prepare Fingerlicking Ingoho|Kenyan Cuisine

Ingoho is a stewed chicken prepared by the Luhya community in Western Kenya. They are of Bantu speaking tribe believed to...
Ibihaza recipe

Ibihaza Recipe | Rwandese Cuisine

Bordering Burundi, Tanzania, Congo, and Uganda is Rwanda-a Nation with a thousand hills. The country has only three ethnic groups; the Tutsi,...
M'tsolola recipe

M’tsolola recipe | Comoros Cuisine

Comoros is an island located in coastal Africa. The island was first discovered in 1529 by Grande Comore. It sits between Madagascar...
Ago Glain dish

Ago Glain Recipe| Benin Cuisine

Ago Glain is a traditional dish from Benin, which comprises of exotic fusion of traditional flavors. The delicacy is prepared with crab...

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