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Brought to you by foodies who have tasted most food and beverages in the world, and have tracked the influence of African tradition, culture, herbs and styles in many food. From blog post that details their experience to cooking tips and recipes, you can expect more from these guys.

Shakshuka recipe

Shakshuka Recipe (Libya Poached Eggs)

Shakshuka is a Libyan dish which is prepared by poaching eggs into tomato sauce. The meal provides a variety of nutrients and...
Ommik Houria recipe

Ommik Houria Recipe (Tunisian cooked carrot salad)

Ommik Houria is a Tunisian salad made from carrots. The name translated to English means ‘Your Mother Angel’ Salad.’ Between a mix...
tchaka soup

The secret to preparing Tasty Tchaka Soup |An Haitian Cuisine

Tchaka is an Haitian delicacy made from different grain ingredients. The dish is a combination of red beans together with dried corn,...
Langouste a la vanilla

Langouste a la vanilla Recipe| Comoros Cuisine

Langouste a la vanilla is the national delicacy from Comoros. The dish is typically prepared with South African lobster and vanilla beans....
Hoppin John

Hoppin’ John Recipe: Afro-Caribean Cuisine- A Must Eat For New Year

Hoppin’ John is one of the most popular dishes which are consumed on New Year. The dish is usually prepared with black-eyed...

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