People have been attempting to change their gender for as long as people have existed. This can most easily be explained by the fact that male and female brains are biologically different, and it is possible to be born with a brain that does not match your body. However, because of the strides that those people have made in convincing the world that gender is fluid, the trans and gender-non-conforming communities have expanded to include anyone who feels that their gender does not match societal expectations. This has lead to an exciting culture, in which everyone has the ability to be who they want to be. However, it has also lead to a lot of hatred.

A May 2019 survey found that the unemployment rate in the black transgender community was 26%, four times higher than that of the general population. 41% of black respondents have experienced homelessness, 34 percent reported a household income of less than $10,000 per year and 49% report having attempted suicide. This is a major crisis for the African, African American and LGBTQ communities. However, for religious reasons, the issue of being transgender is still quite a controversial one, even within the black community.

What do you think? Do you stand in solidarity with the transgender community? How does your religion affect your answer? Leave your comment below.

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