There has been a mixed perception and reaction concerning African foods; as to how African foods came to be regarded as American foods. Regardless of this misperception, the originality of the American foods can be traced in the African cuisine. And just before we take you through some of the African foods that are thought to be Americans, here is a brief history of how American foods hold a similar cuisine to that of African foods.

How African food hold a similar to that of American foods

The African continent is home to many diversified ethnic cultures and behaviors, with each ethnic group holding different ways of cooking. The African foods were well known in the American geography as a result of African heritage which was carried along by the African slaves just before slavery became outlawed.

Just a bit of retouch on enslavement, the Americans had to own up the obligation of ensuring the African slaves fed just like the Americans did. Purposefully the Americans had to journey to Africa to look for seeds that were edible by the Africans.  The seeds would then be planted, sawn and harvested in the American fields.

Further, they employed Africans as the cooks and this resulted in the introduction of African foods to the Americans.

This saw the diffusion of African foods and cuisine to the American foods.  It, however, does add merit to the American chefs who come up with excellent recipes on their menu that showcase a mixture of African foods.

In light of the African-American foods, many African foods are thought to be American foods even by the American chefs themselves. And among them include:

  1. Kola nuts

Kola nuts are used as a key ingredient in Coca-cola. The nuts originate from West Africa and are frequently used in American foods due to its health benefits.

  1. Watermelon

Citrullus lanatas is another African food widely cultivated in the United States, widely known as the watermelon was cultivated in large fields in ancient Egypt. This is before is prototype was breaded to the sweet and juicy watermelon fruit we eat nowadays. The watermelon is the Americans best fruit. It is cultivated in Georgia and has created a great appetite for the Americans.

  1. Cowpeas

Hopin John is favorite American food for the South Americans. The Americans believe that eating the Hopin John food brings with it good luck to the Americans. The surprising fact is the ownership by the Americans towards the dish that is cooked with an African food known as Vigna unguiculata (black-eyed peas/cowpeas). Cowpeas, which are rich in proteins hail from the Central and Southern part of Africa.

  1. Coffee


The coffee plant is another African food associated with the South of America. How the coffee berry is grown, harvested, roasted and baked into a delicious drink involved deep cultural activities by the natives on the Ethiopian highlands. But still, the crop’s large yield comes from South America the world over thinks that the African food first grew in America.

  1. Okra

Africa holds the pride of being the first continent to grow the okra food. The okra, botanically known as hibiscus esculentus, is a thin spear-shaped pod that traces its roots in South Africa. The African food is a well-known ingredient in the southern coast of many states of America. Okra is used in preparing delicacies by most Americans.


Most of the African foods have been accepted as rich ingredients in preparing delicacies for most American foods. Chefs in America have created a soft spot for African foods thereby using African Foods in coming up with tasty American cuisine.


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