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Achu is a tasty Cameroonian soup that is prepared with cow skin, limestone, spices and cocoyams. The soup has a yellow color; a good reason why Achu is commonly referred to as yellow soup. The delicacy is highly treasured, and no traditional occasions like birth ceremonies, coronation, and funeral would complete without Achu.

In most traditional settings, you may find two or more people eating Achu and plantains served in leaves. This is a symbol of unity and togetherness. Though the plantain served in leaves are now slowly being replaced by utensils; the culture of eating Achu with the index finger has not lost its value.

One thing that sets this recipe apart from any other ordinary soup is its high nutritional value. The ingredients used not only keep your body nourished but also gives you a sense of satiety and fullness. In this post, we feature this special soup that has gained popularity in Cameroon and beyond.

But first, let’s look at the Cameroonian Culture.

Cameroonian Culture

Cameroon is known for its diverse-ethnic cuisine which is influenced by its location. The country is home to over 24 million people with over 250 ethnic groups. The existence of different ethnic communities has contributed massively to the cuisine felt here today.

Millet, potatoes, yams, rice, cassavas, sweet potatoes, and maize are some of the popular staple food grown here. Most dishes comprise of one or more of these ingredients. Poultry, fish and beef are common sources of proteins.

Bushmeat (wild game) was popular, but due to legal restrictions on wild animals, this is a thing of the past. Women do all the cooking and take care of the kids.

Cameroonians are very welcoming, and love inviting visitors to their homes. Guests are expected to bring gifts like whiskey, fruits, or wine. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed if the host is a Muslim. Gifts are exchanged either with both hands or with just the right hand.

Men are served with their food first followed by women and then the kids. However, if a foreign woman happens to pay a visit to any Cameroonian home, she is allowed to enjoy food with men. Most Cameroonians love eating with hands. Guests may be given cutlery if they are uncomfortable.

In Cameroon, men are served with their food first followed by women and then the kids Click To Tweet

Now, off from cultural practices to Achu recipe.


Cowskin / Kpomo

Achu cocoyam

1 pound smoked meat


Achu spices

Palm oil

3 garlic cloves



  1. Clean and boil the cocoyams with the skin unpeeled
  2. As the cocoyams cooks, boil your kpomo and meat with pepper, garlic and salt
  3. Drain the water from your cocoyams and pound them. Add some water to avoid them getting hard
  4. Dilute your limestone in water
  5. In a saucepan, heat your cooking oil for 5 minutes and set it aside
  6. Pour your limestone solution slowly into your cooking oil until the mixture attains a yellowish color
  7. Add your cocoyams and meat into your yellow mixture and stir well
  8. Enjoy your Achu

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