10 Hot Jobs in Africa for American Trained Professionals


10 Hot Jobs that will Always be Available in Africa for American Trained Professionals

Dual citizenship has opened doors for professionals who wish to outsource jobs overseas. This has given experts a chance to showcase their skills by taking their careers to the next level. According to a global survey conducted back in 2015, Africa is a global home with the highest number of foreign experts making $250,000 annually. As much as African universities have tried to take career training courses to the next level, they do not train enough professionals to fill these jobs. African universities have also not introduced training courses in some fields which have created job opportunities for Americans and other international skilled professionals. This means if you are an African who is well educated abroad, you stand a good chance. If you are an expert and you have been looking for a professional job that resonates well with your skills and education, then Africa may be the best place to find that dream job. Here is a rundown of the top ten hottest jobs you should take advantage of in Africa. Just take a look!

1. Civil Engineering
If you have a degree in civil engineering, landing a job in Africa can be so easy than you thought. As a civil engineer you can supervise, design, construct, operate and maintain infrastructure projects in both private and public sectors. Most international firms in Africa have invested in Africa and are outsourcing expert services especially in the field. In case you are interested working in Africa and have skills in the field, here are some jobs that may interest you.


2. Mining Engineering

Globally, Africa ranks as the second richly endowed continent with minerals. Mineral exploration and production have contributed greatly to the economic growth of many African countries. For the last 15 years, Africa has reported a significant boom in the mining industry with more and more international firms setting up new mining sites in the continent. This has created expert jobs in the industry. If you are well specialized in the sector, here are links to some of the expatriate jobs you should take advantage of.


3. Geospatial Engineering
As the engineering industry diversifies, more and more jobs are being created. This has seen the introduction of the geospatial engineering field. Being one of the most recent fields in the engineering industry, geospatial engineering jobs are among the best paying jobs in Africa. For professionals who have expertise in the industry, here are some of the latest job alerts you can take advantage of.


4. Health Specialist
According to a research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) showed that sub-Saharan Africa is one of the continents which face shortage in the health sector. As much as African continent trains professionals on the health sector, the industry has also relied on expert services from abroad. Shortage of health professionals in Africa has been linked with the increasing retirement, mortality, immigration and lack of enough trained professionals to fill the available jobs. This has created new job opportunities for health expatriates across the globe. Here are some of the links to the latest health jobs in Africa.


5. Teaching
Africa has international schools which follow the American curriculum. Most of these institutions are attended by learners whose families migrated to Africa in search of expert jobs. This has opened career vacancies in the education sector for natives who have specialized in the sector. In case you have professional skills in teaching or you are passionate about the field, Africa international institutions are in need of your services, and most are now offering competitive salary.


6. Wildlife Ecologist
In the recent past, Africa has put measures to conserve its wildlife. As a wildlife ecologist, you can work in government agencies, conservation charities, environmental trusts and research institutes as an environmental analyst, environmental planner, manager, consultant or a program scientist.If you are an ecologist and would love to work overseas, here are some of the latest jobs in the industry.


7. Telecom Engineering

The telecommunication industry in Africa has reported a drastic and exciting transition for the past 15 years. The transformation of the telecommunication industry has triggered the growth of other sectors like the energy, health and financial sector among others. This has created jobs for both locals and expatriates. In case you have specialty in this field, you may check out these jobs and see if they perfectly match your skills.

8. Petroleum Engineering
According to global statistics, Africa claims 9.4% of the global petroleum production in the world. However, the continent has five countries which have been ranked on the top 30 global oil producing countries accounting to 8.7 million barrels daily. Compared to the recent past, petroleum industry in Africa has intensified leading to exploration of new wells in the continent. This has created jobs for both locals and experts. If you are well trained in this field, you may land a good job in Africa.


9. Geotechnical Engineering
Africa mining industries mainly focus on exploration of natural resources. For years the industry has reported a drastic growth with new companies being introduced in the continent. The mining industries are outsourcing expert services from abroad and geotechnical engineering services are not an exception. If you are a geotech engineer and willing to work in some of the mining industries in Africa, here are the latest job updates on the sector.

10. Project Management and Consultancy
Most international firms have invested in Africa which has opened job opportunities for experts across the globe to fill vital management and executive functions. Almost every company will require a project manager to help in planning for the future projects. For project management jobs in Africa, check out these links.

Africa is a hive of well established companies which for years have created job opportunities. Living and working in Africa is more than a career, but an adventure. The continent is rich with nature and wonders which you can enjoy, and given that Africa’s waves of growth are fastly approaching, you’ll have an opportunity to make real impact. With your work, you might be entering into the gunessiness book of record as one of the talents who help usher Africa to its new dawn. As a professional, Africa needs you. But you could end up discovering in the end that you need Africa. Most international companies ensure that all employees have a better working environment, and much more, lucrative expatriate salary. In case you are not qualified for the positions you find in your search, subscribe for alerts for jobs in your area of specialization. You can also take advantage of internship programs which some companies offer This way, you may increase your chances of landing a job in those organizations after the internship. What are you waiting for? Upload your resume and stand a chance of landing a job in Africa.

——Victoria Wambua

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